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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tikona WiMAX Internet Connection Problem

It's been over a month I have been stuck with an odd problem that prevented me from getting online from my Linux boxes. Pretty frustrating. I was stuck with XAMPP and realized how buggy the DevC++ System  was. Okay, let me get to the point.

So apparently Tikona WiMAX changed it's system as it would not acknowledge any DHCP requests made by lines that Advertise 100 Mbps connections. It kept fooling me for so long!

So, one fine day, I found @yagoo on #ubuntu. He pointed me out my system was using Half-Duplex connection.. after a brief diagnosis on my WinXP. He then told me about the mii-tool.

Here's what I did. (As root)
mii-tool -A 10baseT-HD
I got : "Starting Auto negotiation..."

and then NetworkManager took over. I was finally connected!

Take a look here to save the setting after reboot.

Also, look here if you get a LSB Warning when trying to install the script.

Hope it saves your time guys!