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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tor browser bundle released

Gone are the days that the internal was the ultimate symbolism of freedom in the planet and lo and behold! The Internet that knows more about you than your mom does, is here. Thanks to Edward Snowden, the world has learned about  spying and snooping all over the world. Someone who the entire world had almost shunned is now being relooked upon, as he is being nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. [1]

Ironically, even after Obama was left red faced and  promised (some) spying will end, [2] the Indian Government is getting started with NETRA NEtwork and TRaffic Analysis System. [3]

Thankfully however, there are places in the Internet that are virtually untraceable. The "tor" network happens to be one of those amazing inventions man has made. For those who used tor earlier, they would know it was such a pain to connect to the network, Vidalia came and made it oh so simple! Here's a image poached off the internet to show Tor really works:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

[OFF] Valentine's Day

The worst part about Valentines day is when you see everyone partying with their special someone and oozing out love when you are alone trying to fake a smile just to show how you are happy for them. Sometimes it appears so silly what these lovebirds will do. Some play the peacock, some dance like Pelvis Grizzly, some bump into lamp-posts, and the list goes on. One often wonders if they are really in love or just in the mood to invoke some jealousy by showing off. Cause, yes, invoke they do and oh man I just want to murder them with a pump-action shotgun with blood squishing all over the floor and probably some in their lover's mouth as well.

But that's just me. And all of this is just a joke! Ha! I am a harmless man who loves joking. Bad joke you say?

"You know I actually have a book. You don't want to get on that book do you?"

Craziness apart, valentines day, I felt was always one invented by the corporates. I am talking about the Archies, Hallmark and the kind. The kind that wants feelings, to be measured by the amount of money you spend. The hype surrounding it, the demand, everything was almost artificial. To me, if you are in love, everyday should be a celebration of that love. Do something small, yet thoughtful that will help in expressing the overflowing love you have in your heart. One day is just too small a time period for that.

Running an errand, writing something, composing something, drawing something is far more romantic than some card or gift you can buy off the Internet. Just looking into the eyes of the person you love, is a lot more romantic than anything else. You don't have to kiss, you don't have to hug, you don't even have to talk. Silence is the language of love. It is but a silent understanding, that is understood in the language of the heart.

Being a computer scientist (lol!) and a logician (roflmao!), I never really believed in the concept of souls (what? am I on drugs?), and that somethings need to be felt with the heart. This was until I fell in love. It feels everything I never wanted to feel. The opposite of what I understood love stood for.

Yesterday, I missed her a lot. True story.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

[OFF] Homesick

Here I am on a Saturday morning sitting on my bed in an empty room trying to do something. I think about calling her up, but she is busy now. I think about watching a movie, but I cannot make up my mind. I think about playing my guitar, or figuring out the Rubic's cube. I think about a lot of things and the last thing I think about makes me open up my blog.

What was the last thing I thought about then? Well, it was a vague little feeling mixed with laziness (the laptop is at an arms stretch), sadness (really have no clue where that came from), happiness (I am pretty rich, I should be happy right?), hunger and something I would call nostalgia. Yes, that is pretty much it.

Sometimes I have had feelings that I cannot describe myself. Sometimes I don't feel anything at all. This is one of the former times. I am not sure what I am feeling, but am definitely not feeling nothing. As I sit on my bed looking outside I can see a huge building full of little flats. I can see little children swinging on the swing. I can two others playing on a slide. I can see a bird fly by. I can see an old man sitting still near the playing children. I light a cigarette.

You see, by lighting a cigarette I am claiming I am not affected by what I see. I claim to be macho and carefree. But somewhere deep inside me, like very deep, pitch dark and not visible to the naked eye, lies a little child wanting to sob and go outside and play. Wanting to sob at all the bad things I have done and beg forgiveness from all the people I have hurt. The weakest part of me I hide so well.

The point is however, not the empowerment of women, nor the RTI, nor making silly wisecracks at my namesake, no, none of that. The point is, well, I really don;t know. I have no point to make. I am just homesick.

Just something I read the other day: "We are born alone in this world, live alone, die alone, love just creates the illusion we are not."

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DejaVu Trends - The final story

Looks like the blog worked more than the threats to lodge a police complaint. For those who are clueless, please read my previous rant for DejaVu Trends (https://dejavutrends.com) and how I believed them to be fraudulent.

Okay, so I visited the MIDC police station the day I had posted the blog and really what I was told that it was all my fault that I had paid them in the first place (I know that, that is why I am here in the first place *frustration*). They told me to file a complaint to the consumer court and they would take action only if they court directs them! Realising they would be of no help I decided on
1. Go to consumer court and wait for ages.
2. Try the Juhu address of the Directors of the companies. This address was available on Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.