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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Software jobs in Kolkata West Bengal

 A few days I witnessed the re-election of the local state government in my country. The fight was as usual brutal and crass, with the main opponents being the currently ruling party, headed by the nation's only woman chief minister of a state, against the party that is in power at the national level, headed by a new entrant leader with a promise of change and development. The state has been marred with accusations of not being able to provide infrastructure to facilitate jobs for the youth for a lot of years now. I, being a computer software engineer, have faced similar issues as well. I have had to travel cross country to get a job that I thought I deserved doing. Scarcity of Software jobs is a reality to me in this state of West-Bengal and for many others who have migrated outside the state even though they would rather stay at home.

Post-COVID-19,  the situation has changed and I'm at my home state, working from home which is incidentally, a luxury that few can afford in these testing times, outside of the IT-sector. I'm part of a new young start-up, ClearedIn, where we're trying to tackle online spammers and make the web a safer place. It's been more than a year I'm working from home, at Howrah (a town near the major city Kolkata), which is where my roots are from. For the past few years I've been trying to find a job near my home town, and I've never been successful but it seems like from those failures, I've learned quite a bit. This post is dedicated to those who are still trying and I'd like to list out companies that hire IT professionals.

In completely random order here some that I have compiled.