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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Become a DJ!

There's a lot of things people do with their computers... among them Listening to music is one of my favorites! DJs are people who play with music, remix mixes and create new stuff that is oh-so-cool!

Perhaps some of you already use Virtual DJ, however it is marred with Copyright breach of OpenSource Libraries [1]. So here's something good that let's you flanger through your DJ-ing ambitions without making you consult your lawyer!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Indtalling d4x on Ubuntu 10.10

I found d4x to be among the best download managers and accelerators out there working on Linux based systems. It is present in the repositories of dapper, hardy (8.04) and lucid (10.04)... However I am going to install it on my Maverick 10.10 aka Linux Mint 10 system.

The procedure is not very tedious as I just have to got the Ubuntu repository search website and search for my man. There is however one neat trick.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fixing parcellite on Linux mint 10

Parcellite is a wonderful clipboard manager and enables history of copied items.

It's been a few days I noticed parcellite to be not working... It is starting up and I can see the tray icon but that's about it. There seems to be some problem with the parcellite on the Ubuntu 10 and LinuxMint 10.10 repositories.

So I just headed on the main website of parcellite: http://parcellite.sourceforge.net/ and downloaded the latest debian package from here.

Now it's working just as it should!

Linux Mint Software Properties does not launch

I've been using Linux Mint for a while now, and I get this problem while mixing and matching Ubuntu repos with Mint ones... also because of some critical PPAs for my system (including Intel Graphics Drivers from glascen).

So the problem description goes like this: Software Properties does not launch and we get the following error when trying to launch it from the terminal with sudo software-properties-gtk

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[OFF] Complications of a troubled mind

Oh yes, I have a troubled mind. It feels brave to not study, it feels brave to not have a books 2 days before your Final Semester exams. It feels bad too. Bad coz I know perhaps buying them might help me with my score... But then, who wants good scores!?

Yesterday was a night where I did some time traveling, to a place I had left a long time ago. I found out about myself, what I used to be. What I wanted. Now, on the brink of  achieving what I wanted to be, it feels odd. It's  almost like a revolt within me, wishing time had stopped. It wishes for a break.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tikona WiMAX Internet Connection Problem

It's been over a month I have been stuck with an odd problem that prevented me from getting online from my Linux boxes. Pretty frustrating. I was stuck with XAMPP and realized how buggy the DevC++ System  was. Okay, let me get to the point.

So apparently Tikona WiMAX changed it's system as it would not acknowledge any DHCP requests made by lines that Advertise 100 Mbps connections. It kept fooling me for so long!

So, one fine day, I found @yagoo on #ubuntu. He pointed me out my system was using Half-Duplex connection.. after a brief diagnosis on my WinXP. He then told me about the mii-tool.