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Friday, January 21, 2011

[OFF] A different side of me

Yesterday,  got selected for not 1 Job, but 2 jobs... one offered by Cognizant Tech. Solutions (CTS) and the other by Infosys. Infosys being my dream, led me contradict all logic of probably being at home. Once again my logic lost... to my heart. It was an amazing feeling.. once that left me speechless... I did not realize what happened until it slowly sank in. I feel good.

I wrote this piece today, to dig out the side of me, that was not too prominent... Here is a poem I wrote now. A few minutes ago.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Intel Graphics Card Linux Drivers

Looks like the future is perfect for Intel 845, Intel 855 and Intel 910 graphics chip-sets on Linux.

On my Mint 10 (aka Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat)... I was finally able to get all my resolutions and Graphics Acceleration after ages.

Okay, so initially the Framebuffer device (fbdev) was the default graphics device on Ubuntu 10.10 (aka Mint 10) and thus the intel driver is not loaded. In order to force loading the intel driver create the file
To create this file you must be root... here's how you could do it:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OSS on Linux Mint 10

 Finally a relief! The Mint 10 based on Ubuntu maveric meerkat proved useful to me as I could install OSSv4.

Firstly, an introduction on OSSv4 is required. OSS or Open Sound System was developed by 2 hackers, who feel the current scene in Linux Audio is pathetic and also feel that they are not bound to be ruled by the GPL only. They have come up with an audio solution for *nix based systems (works on Linux, Solaris, BSD and other nix-es) that, judging from sound quality and mixing capabilities is much better than ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture). True, ALSA is far more advanced in terms of harware support and general integration, but take a look at OSS! It is coming to terms with the real world and now has an experimental USB sound driver included. Bluetooth would not be far behind, and well, it would really close the gap between ALSA and OSS.