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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A satisfactory haul!

Techno India college organized it's annual techno management fest, named EDGE. I must say it was one of the best in Kolkata!

Fantastic competition and fabulous prizes too! It's the first place I (along with Shubhadip-da) finally beat the IEM team: IdleHeads and a great NIT-DGP team: CodeCrackers. Yes, we came first.

MadMen came on top!

The programming contest had a nice twist with 2 questions that had to be programmed in EDG programming language. We had to learn it and implement it on the spot. It was great!

There was a PC-(Win) hacking competition that I won, thanks to my ProcHack software. The HEAP-Walk mechanism edged me over!

After a total haul of 5.5Ks I am really satisfied. But I won;t wait, there's INSTRO (BESU) and one of Future. Let me test my limits!