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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Become a DJ!

There's a lot of things people do with their computers... among them Listening to music is one of my favorites! DJs are people who play with music, remix mixes and create new stuff that is oh-so-cool!

Perhaps some of you already use Virtual DJ, however it is marred with Copyright breach of OpenSource Libraries [1]. So here's something good that let's you flanger through your DJ-ing ambitions without making you consult your lawyer!

The Multi-Platform (LIN,MAC,WIN) DJ Mixxx -ing software is here! Version 1.9.0 is very mature and features dual decks and turntables. The auto-dj mode  automatically selects the best sequence among the songs in it's list to provide a great cross-faded queued listening experience!

Here is mixxx running on my maverick meerkat  based OS in full-screen mode:

Quite a beaty ain't it? :)

So what are you waiting for!? Download mixxx here.

Don't forget to check out the tutorial videos on Youtube :~>

[1] : http://libav.org/shame.html

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