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Monday, May 23, 2011

Indtalling d4x on Ubuntu 10.10

I found d4x to be among the best download managers and accelerators out there working on Linux based systems. It is present in the repositories of dapper, hardy (8.04) and lucid (10.04)... However I am going to install it on my Maverick 10.10 aka Linux Mint 10 system.

The procedure is not very tedious as I just have to got the Ubuntu repository search website and search for my man. There is however one neat trick.

After searching for d4x in the Ubuntu repositories, you get d4x for lucid, download it, after choosing your architecture (amd64 / i386) and a mirror from those pages.

You also need the dependencies for d4x then. Which are:

  1. d4x-common
  2. libao2
Now you have the 3 debs required for installing d4x! Start with libao2, then d4x-common and finally d4x. Now it works like a charm!

Screenshot from Debian

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