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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Open Suse Software Repository

Open suse is one of the few Linux based operating systems that have a 1-click web installer. What it does is download a ymp file and yast takes care of importing the gpg files and downloading the required file from the repository.

Since most stuff are not there on the OpenSUSE default repositories, the only site you will ever need is :

Treasure trove of awesomeness!! Try it out.

Monday, January 16, 2012

[OFF] An old poetry unearthed

Here's something I found unearthed beneath years of e-mails in my very old inbox! One of my first attempts at being a poet, thought I'd post it on somewhere more close to my heart. 

Here it is:

And on that monsoon evening when
the sun was about to set,
When the moonlight just creeps in-
Under the orange sky, the road was wet.
On that dim, slippery, pitched  road
as if on her black night he rode,
Where nature stole the night in envy-
and glistened with stars at her abode.
He did fall in her velvet lakes
that her eyes were, he was drenched,
in the tiny, meaningless concrete room,
he was all dry, all sound.
Slowly closer they came ,the sun set
and moonlight between their termbling lips,
could no longer pass through-
time slowed down, the moon peeps.
                                                                                                        -rahul ghose
When ever anyone asks me what happened next I tell them,
look up in the night sky and if u see the moon peeping then it is still offering you hope to find the one u love,
& say by any chance u don't see the sun at all then take my advice:
Try to see it the next evening.
You will find the moon waiting for u...
Every one has a destinantion to reach, a love to find, do not remain the one peeping- like the moon,
for the moon may be beautiful but it keeps on moving and searching...
for LOVE.

This was something I wrote around 7 years ago. Just the way I wrote it. Makes me nostalgic. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[OFF] The happiness in Freedom.

It's new year!.... again.

2012 is the Gregorian Year that has is supposed to wreck havoc and destruction for all mankind. I wonder, if that were to be remotely true, I better start doing stuff I always wanted to but never did.