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Thursday, June 20, 2013

[OFF] Love in the times of rains

It's been such a rainy morning. No sign of the sun anywhere on the sky. Clouds all around threatening to unleash their watery fury at any time they wish. It has been a time when the trees enjoy merrily. The earth can bathe in the purest form of water Nature can give.

It's been watter-logged here near my house. The late morning rains accompanied by a powerful wind woke me up today. The wind was cold. It touched my soul and wanted me to love. It wanted me to love the rains. I wonder, why does the rain want my love, when it has so many lovers already? So many poets line up expressing their love to this wonderful outburst of Nature! Probably, I am the person she chose to love among all them people. Probably, I am the one, the clouds chose to offer their unbridled love!

Nah, too mushy.