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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Complain to TRAI

Hey folks!

Recently, my mobile phone service provider has been giving me a hard time. From automatic money laundering to service activations I had never requested, the mobile corporation provided me with lots of love. Now, being the unromantic person I am, I was left with the following options.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Helpful Web

In the modern age, probably what we use more than MasterCard is the Internet! For everything else, there is Mastercard, remember?

Jokes apart, the internet is turning into a medium that can be used to virtually we can think of. One such aspect of the internet is e-shopping. I want to today, speak about my experiences of e-shopping, the awesomeness of it and the not-so-obvious bottlenecks.

Consider a website like paytm.com, where we can recharge our mobile phones, book bus tickets, prepay DTH and what not! Flipkart.com is another site which offers facilities to buy stuff online and have them delivered to your home, in most cases, at no extra cost. Florist.com is a website that delivers flowers right down to your crush's house!