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Monday, October 11, 2010

[OFF] Losing out

It was tech fest time yet again... with RCC-IIT and A.O.T. organizing their Annual technical festvals a few days ago.

The RCC Fest was a disaster. Reminds me of Heritage a couple of years back. The questions were not meant to be solved! (I can't figure why they pose questions that cannot be solved within the given time) The time was 45 minutes and we were supposed to do a modified DFS and a travelling salesman problem. However the DFS was easily solvable in the given time but apparently no-one could (and that included me)! Fall from grace? Hmm... maybe.

The next one at A.O.T. (Adhishoptogram)  was a total chaos. I and Satya reached 1 hour late but thanks to the organizers, who allowed us to participate with half an hour of extra time. We solved a problem in the prelims (this was a Qualification round problem of Google Code Jam 2010) to qualify for the finals. The finals posed easy questions involving DFS, Simulation, Animation and Parsing. However the checking left much to be desired from the team. I was especially unhappy with a problem that stated us to (restated) :
In Text Mode draw a rocket using loops (!) and then make it move with acceleration.
What was so odd was that it had the same credits as the graph DFS and Simulation problem! The judges were very 'good' since they easily overlooked flaws in the programs. However that is one aspect we were definitely better at. Again our simulation problem solution was flawed. The organizers had very weak test-cases to catch them. I guess these tests were used on other participants as well. The last question involving Parsing required us to design a parser if they wanted a "good" solution. But they wanted a "working" solution! However, complaints apart. I guess... there was rust ... and the rust showed. We were beaten... 

Then again... Losing out feels good sometimes. Tells me that I can still improve and aim for better heights. I am not making the winners look smaller. I am saying I need some brushing up of my skills. Campus interviews approach and so does GATE. 

And as LP would have signed off:
In the End... It doesn't even matter.

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