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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extending GNOME Nautilus File Manager

There's a very cool plug-in for nautilus: nautilus-actions.

It enables you to add custom nautilus menu items via simple scripts. To install this, you can run (for debian based OS):
sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

OR open Package Manager and install nautilus-actions package from your OS repository.

Now, you will find the program: nautilus-actions-config which is the GUI to add custom scripts. Now, let us add "Enqueue to Totem" menu item for all Audio and Video Files. For this, we open the program: nautilus-actions-config. Click on Add

In the main Tab "Menu Item & Action":

Label contains : "Enqueue to Totem", Icon: "gtk-refresh" (You can use your own Label and Icon here).

Path : totem
Parameters: --enqueue %M

In the next TAB, "Conditions"...

Mimetypes: audio/* ; video/*
Check Appears if selection has multiple files or folders

Now we are done! Press OK to add this menu item.

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