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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obfuscated Code Contest

Obfuscation is an art. It refers to making your code hard to read... hard to understand using advanced concepts. So, let me present a code that prints my name, but in an obfuscated manner! This was done by me a couple of years ago, but was faulty. I corrected it and here it is:

float m[] = {2.94576846098867283087373218349056E+32, 3.761396E+24, 9.316795E-39 };

Magic eh? Nope... just an understanding of data types.

The concept here is pretty simple. Data representation is exploited. Don't think IEEE754 here, since this can be made with a simpler technique. So.. let me ask my readers... what technique can be used to generate the number?

I am giving away a prize for the person who answers this first and correctly. Best of Luck!


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  2. Here is a code which generates this kind of program.....All u need to do is change d string hardcoded :)

    typedef float type;

    /*as this trick works for other data type also...u can use nything...just change printf parameter acordingly :)*/

    int main()
    char s[]="Mrinalkanti Ghosh";
    type * p=(type *)s;
    int i;
    int c=sizeof(s)/((float)sizeof(type))+.5;
    /*to avoid integer division*/
    printf("float m[] = {");
    return 0;

  3. @Mrinal: Hats off to you man!

    You are the winner. :)

    @readers... Intro for Mrinal: He is in IIT-Kanpur and refused a job in TCS to pursue his higher studies...

  4. Not really....i got job in Infosys :)

  5. So, what did the winner get ?? a date with you ??