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Friday, October 15, 2010

Microsoft Seminar at GCECT

Microsoft Student Partners organised a seminar at our college on 12th December, 2010 from 12 Noon to 3 pm. It was a interactive session with around 50 participants on Microsoft technologies that empower students. The topics ranged from .NET, Visual Studio to Silver-Light.

I found the MSPs to be very unbiased and did not go the usual way of proving how .NET is better than Java. They weighed the pros and cons of both technologies. They even recognized Linux to on a firm ground when I was pretty sure they would bash it. Which they did not.

Very humble, they were themselves programmers on Windows Mobile Devices. They seemed to be open to criticism on Microsoft and it's policies. 
One such policy was the fact that Microsoft created APIs to be used by Application and Driver Programmers and hid documentations and functionalities that could be used by them! Then they created these Applications and used these unheard of APIs! So, the only way to know, now becomes reverse engineering... which is a tough job. Especially if it is a kernel driver we are talking about.
 A positive attitude towards the Open Source movement will surely earn them kudos!

They did falter once and mixed up Orkut with Facebook. One of the MSPs said FaceBook runs on ASP.NET. True facebook applications can be written in C#, and FB has official a C# SDK, but that does not make FB run on ASP.NET! It is common knowledge FB runs on Linux Servers... using a customized OS.

In the end they hosted a small quiz where they distributed Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 OS DVDs. I won a Bundle DVD that I gave to a friend later on. 

NB: All the participants are to be given free Visual Studio and M$ Server OS Keys. The attendees had to pay a fee for Rs. 50/-.

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