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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DejaVu Trends - The final story

Looks like the blog worked more than the threats to lodge a police complaint. For those who are clueless, please read my previous rant for DejaVu Trends (https://dejavutrends.com) and how I believed them to be fraudulent.

Okay, so I visited the MIDC police station the day I had posted the blog and really what I was told that it was all my fault that I had paid them in the first place (I know that, that is why I am here in the first place *frustration*). They told me to file a complaint to the consumer court and they would take action only if they court directs them! Realising they would be of no help I decided on
1. Go to consumer court and wait for ages.
2. Try the Juhu address of the Directors of the companies. This address was available on Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

Now, the most unexpected of things, happened on the day, I decided on 2.

Some one calls me up from 022-33677400 claiming to be Sneha, an employee of Dejavu Trends and asks me to remove the blog post. She tells me that the product I had ordered was not available and she can ship an 'upgraded' version of the product within the next working day, i.e., Monday. She also offers me Dejavu Trends store credit worth 500 bucks.

This was odd. They never called me up.

I decided to give them a listen. I tried to trust them once. I told them I would do what they so desired when I get the tracking code of my product. They agreed.

Later in the day.

Well, things seem to be changing then. They are now communicating. I waited the whole of Monday and as expected nothing. They called me up today morning.

They told me they have shipped the product and reminded me about my blog post. I check my email. Nothing. I check My Account on the website.

Oh well, they surely cannot fake this. Maybe I was wrong about the website. maybe they really are reeling under too much pressure.

And yes, today morning as I came to office I receive my 1 TB MY Passport Ultra portable hard drive! I am happy and sad at the same time.

And I finally got the elusive address that I searching for.

Hope this helps you folks.

NB: The company surely is unable to handle customer relations properly. Looks like the company is not fake, it is probably unable to handle too many requests from overwhelming number of customers. Hope this is not another timtara.

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