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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tor browser bundle released

Gone are the days that the internal was the ultimate symbolism of freedom in the planet and lo and behold! The Internet that knows more about you than your mom does, is here. Thanks to Edward Snowden, the world has learned about  spying and snooping all over the world. Someone who the entire world had almost shunned is now being relooked upon, as he is being nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. [1]

Ironically, even after Obama was left red faced and  promised (some) spying will end, [2] the Indian Government is getting started with NETRA NEtwork and TRaffic Analysis System. [3]

Thankfully however, there are places in the Internet that are virtually untraceable. The "tor" network happens to be one of those amazing inventions man has made. For those who used tor earlier, they would know it was such a pain to connect to the network, Vidalia came and made it oh so simple! Here's a image poached off the internet to show Tor really works:

However, my luck with this was never good. Each time something or the other would break and I would ditch it. However I finally managed to connect with their new Browser Bundle Release last week with the perfect mix of versions that just works!

Yes, amazing release guys!

Further reading:
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