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Saturday, February 15, 2014

[OFF] Valentine's Day

The worst part about Valentines day is when you see everyone partying with their special someone and oozing out love when you are alone trying to fake a smile just to show how you are happy for them. Sometimes it appears so silly what these lovebirds will do. Some play the peacock, some dance like Pelvis Grizzly, some bump into lamp-posts, and the list goes on. One often wonders if they are really in love or just in the mood to invoke some jealousy by showing off. Cause, yes, invoke they do and oh man I just want to murder them with a pump-action shotgun with blood squishing all over the floor and probably some in their lover's mouth as well.

But that's just me. And all of this is just a joke! Ha! I am a harmless man who loves joking. Bad joke you say?

"You know I actually have a book. You don't want to get on that book do you?"

Craziness apart, valentines day, I felt was always one invented by the corporates. I am talking about the Archies, Hallmark and the kind. The kind that wants feelings, to be measured by the amount of money you spend. The hype surrounding it, the demand, everything was almost artificial. To me, if you are in love, everyday should be a celebration of that love. Do something small, yet thoughtful that will help in expressing the overflowing love you have in your heart. One day is just too small a time period for that.

Running an errand, writing something, composing something, drawing something is far more romantic than some card or gift you can buy off the Internet. Just looking into the eyes of the person you love, is a lot more romantic than anything else. You don't have to kiss, you don't have to hug, you don't even have to talk. Silence is the language of love. It is but a silent understanding, that is understood in the language of the heart.

Being a computer scientist (lol!) and a logician (roflmao!), I never really believed in the concept of souls (what? am I on drugs?), and that somethings need to be felt with the heart. This was until I fell in love. It feels everything I never wanted to feel. The opposite of what I understood love stood for.

Yesterday, I missed her a lot. True story.

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