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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uneducated Kindle Mag

So, I went to this Quiz contested hosted by Parnab Mukherjee at Gyan Manch today (4th Sep.) and we were given free magazines of Kindle.

I was reading their April, 2010 issue... and they addressed a sensitive issue, that of Piracy. The cover of the mag was the main page of "thepiratebay.org": which hosts various illegal torrents. That does not make the concept of torrent evil though!

This picture had the safari browser running on a mac. It had the names of "Richard Stallman", "GNU Project" and terms such as "CopyLeft", "Napster", "Kaaza", "BitTorrent", "Peers-Seeds-Leechers", "Vuze", "Songs.pk" all clubbed together. Topped together with: "We Love Free Software".

I have no idea how mac is supposed to be Free Software (The Mac is however, partly open source, since it derives it's work from BSD, a Unix port by Berkeley University). And I have no idea how piracy websites like "songs.pk" has a connection with RMS (Richard Stallman)!

Now, I read their article and their depth (or lack of it) in the matter becomes evident. They write
"GNU was different from Unix, but it was like Unix. Not only replication or rewriting of codes would involve stealing, but it would by default embed the sharing component within."

Stealing? From Unix? Have these guys gone mad? More specifically.. Saswat Pattanayak is nuts!

Unix was closed source. And that source could not have been stolen. I confirmed their lack of depth when in the entire article, I found no mention of Linus Torvalds. The original creator of Linux, the Open Source alternative of Unix (then, and now Windows and mac).

We all know, (I assume) that Linus was the student of the great A. Tenebaum who had written an Open Source computer Operating System for his students to try out and learn. This was called Minix. It exists today too.

So, the popular speculation is that Linus "used" Minix code to create Linux. However Linus says it was written with different ideologies from Minix.. but yes, it was influenced by it.

So group of hackers all round the world made Linux what it is today. The OS with the most widely supported hardware applications in the planet. And the guys there have linked Open Source with piracy!

Amazing... for all I know... Open Source has paved the way for people to actually use non-pirated material. There are loyalty free file formats that people can use without committing piracy!

There was this line too:

"As majority of hobbyists must be aware, most of you steal your software..."

Well... we Open Source people don't!

We have our own OS, own compiler, own assembler, own text editor, own group of companies that sponsor us. It's the Close Source people who do it.

Not wishing to go further in this muck, I decide, it is time I stopped reading such junk.

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  1. I know we all should be open everywhere.! Be it software or be it talking about our own rights.