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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surprises Galore!

Okay, So this post is meant for some surprises.

How many of you read Graphiti? The Sunday mag with The telegraph.

I guess many. For the techno freaks out there the article by Tushar Kanwar is a must read. Not so long ago, the author had commented on Linux to be a hobby OS for engineers
Most engineering students want to tinker with the popular open-source operating system, but many stay away for fear of modifying their hard drives [1]
And now he writes:

Is your new netbook crawling under the dead-weight of Windows? Give it a fresh lease of life with Jolicloud, a free Linux-based operating system designed specifically for the low-powered components most netbooks ship with these days.[2]

Surprises. So maybe without being judgmental, he was being honest about this though. So that will really help in it's popularization of the OS to the scared population.

Next, I bought a hp DVD Writer yesterday and was expecting to throw away the bundled disk... I was taken aback.

It included Nero Linux 4 trial version! So hp has finally recognized the needs of their consumers and is also helping and popularizing the use of Linux based Operating Systems.


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