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Saturday, September 19, 2009

On top of the world!

Perhaps after a long time I feel relieved. Relieved from all the pressure of the planet. Relieved that I have proved myself once again. Relieved at not having failed.

Winner (3rd) at IIT Guwahati gave me the impetus and courage I really needed for a long long time. By jove! It's an IIT! And I narrowly (only I know how narrowly) missed the top honor. Silly for me!

And then if that was not enough, I become one of the 3 teams from West bengal (yes, including IIT Kharagpur's teams) to qualify for the ACM-ICPC 2009 India Finals to be held at Amritapuri, near Chennai.

And perhaps the icing on the cake was the expected (??) win IEM, Kolkata.

Now what? I guess success makes you crave for more success. IIT-M, Frugal is on Sunday and IIT-M OPC is on 27th. Lets see.

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