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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

International Collegiate Programming Contest

I fulfilled a dream. A dream to participate in the ACM-ICPC. But the dream just got clearer. I failed miserably at ICPC perhaps exposing the flaws and innards that I kept hidden for long. But it's time for me to face the world now. It's so real and I have to be strong enough to be able to survive it.

Amritpuri was a hell of an experience, with us being in the 3 only teams to have qualified from West Bengal. A pretty stat indeed. NIT-DGP, IEM and us. The only consolation is that I still have 1 year in me.

Apart from all that gloominess, I won the first prize (with anKur, thats a first) at Haldia Institute of Technology. Avik Chatterjee had turned into a total drunkard of sorts!! And I will always remember HIT college of Haldia. 'HIT' really expresses the true morale and meaning of the college!

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