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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Brainless Algorithmist

Well, that's me I feel. Since I've been doing algoz and algoz but still I can't say my brain level is up to the mark. Like, sure I won at IEM but I surely didn't deserve to. I didn't even get more than One solution completely accepted. Also, the duo of Neel-chitra is some-one I look up to. And their failuire in ICPC has really depressed me.

I mean, do I really deserve to be in ICPC? I know very well they are better. So does it mean that deserving candidates often miss the cut? Did I miss the cut?

I really cannot answer these questions. I am waiting for the moment when I can.

Oh well, right now I'm at the cyber cafe from where I started my journey into Computers, 'Singh Cyber Cafe'. I still remember the first time I came here with a Fritz 6 CD, hoping to get some chess practice. I didn't have a computer then. Things get really nostalgic at times.

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