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Friday, July 4, 2014

[OFF] An amazing person

Yesterday, I came in touch with an amazing person. Someone who has faced a lot of hardships in their life. It was striking, as to what all that person had faced and all because of love. I write about Love a lot. I like to believe that it is the greatest feeling of all, and if I may, the sole purpose of humanity and life.

This person was a different person now. Finally this person has come to terms with the life that has been given. From now on I will refer to this person as "L". Make no mistake, this is only a pseudonym, by which I have decided to refer this person as. Making assumptions on this person's age, gender, caste or color will get you no-where! It would also be wrong to assume that this person refers to myself, i.e., the author of this page, since, let me reiterate, this is only a pseudonym.

Now, let me continue.

"L" had never thought things would be the way they are. "L" always believed no matter what had happened, Love would triumph everything. It turns out, this assumption was wrong. It so happened that this love dis-integrated and brought out the worst in "L". Days never seemed worse. Nights never seemed scarier. It was a dark time. Even the rains had shunned her. She had become a stranger to herself. It was almost as if she had lost touch with herself. The real "L".

The life she led was filled with smiles and happiness all around. She was like a desert inside in the middle of the ocean. The nights were the worst. When everything was quiet all around it would seem like her existence did not matter. It was so deathly quiet that she could hear hes own tears flow down. She could hear her heart beating very slowly. Blood oozing out of her at times. She could hear the deathly frozen feelings inside her.

What had become of "L"? All I can say now is that, "L" was sick. She is fine now. The doctors have done a great job. Inspired by a certain Mithoon Chakraborty movie, the doctors have cured this person. Maybe not as advanced as a brain transplant, but it worked.

Sometimes, it so happens that, "L" wishes to go back. To do it all over again. Surely the mistakes will not be repeated. Surely this ship would not sink all over again. Surely. Then the boulder of doubt hits her and she snaps out of this imaginary construction in her dreams. Realization dawns upon "L", that things can never be the same again. The past has, made "L" wiser and it has contributed to whatever is to become of "L".

I am so glad I met this person.

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