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Sunday, August 18, 2013

[OFF] A random poem I wrote

Being a poet is what I suck best at, here's one of more of my absolute classics that will make you contemplate the meaning of life. Make you think twice before reading the utter crap that I write in the name of poetry. This one is supposed to be a romantic poem in case you feel it is a poem about potatoes (or rhinoceroses).

The Princess of Mystery

Tired is my mind,
Solace seems so distant.
I have tread on a long road,
Just to be closer.

I do not care for the wind,
nor do I care for the rain,
I tread on the broken road,
Just to feel your gentle gait.

You brush me aside,
Not giving a second glance,
O, how it burns,
Like the world could never.

Slowly and slyly I make my move,
Make you mine with all my might.
Does your heart still beat for me?
Or does it make a silent beat?

I rode through the ages,
Through lands far off and wide,
To take you, O Princess,
Will you not be mine?

Your hollow smile pierces my heart,
Makes me mortal once gain,
For all the power and strength in me,
Could not ever feel this way.

You look distant, weary, away from me,
Do you really not want me?
For I have won the sword and still,
Begging at your feet, O Princess.

Written at night, when the breeze was strong. I guess I was high when I wrote it. I actually like it now. Makes me feel so much.

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