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Monday, August 19, 2013

How many websites in the world?

So here I was sitting on my desk at work wondering how may websites are there in the world. The guy next to my cubicle announced Google had 8 billion websites indexed in it's servers! So I had to delve in and find out how many are there really.

So here's the number for today:  146,350,470

So, it was actually pretty easy to find the internet on the internet. So here are some cool links that have the relevant info.

Amazing website this:
This one here gives a changes overview, aka stocks-type:
 There's a nice graph here but it's pretty old (Dec, 2012) :


These are the top registrars of the world:

My company comes at No 9! Yay!

In the quest I also found a rather compulsive domain shopper:
Happy hacking.

NB: This is an internet census of the number of devices in the world and what they run. This is an amazing experiment, please take a look:

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