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Friday, June 8, 2012

Viewing 3D Videos on Linux

Cometh the new millenium and cometh a flurry of 3D Videos! To cope up, we need get ourselves geared up to watch them.

Now, I cannot help you with buying 3D Goggles for watching these videos but surely I can help you setup your system for that! Now first things first. There is a huge lack of stereoscopic video players in linux, the ones that play SBS (Side by Side) Videos for example. Now, these videos can be broken down into images and recombined (after combining 2 pictures together) to get the desired 3D video output through any video encoder like mencoder or ffmpeg.

However, after a lot of research I found these 2 resources that play stereoscopic videos on linux:
  1. Bino : You can get this at http://bino3d.org/download.html. They offer binary debs, rpms and the source code, so you can hack it as well! However, you must be aware it is almost unusable on computers without graphic cards. The lucky ones, well, rock on!
  2. sView: http://www.sview.ru/en/download is where you will find this stuff. Same binary deb and rpm apart from their source code. I have not tested this as it did not play the mkv file I had.
Well, I hope I could provide an insight on 3D Stereoscopic Output on Linux. There is a stereoscopic filter for VLC in the pipeline waiting for release for version 2.0 perhaps. Hoping the scene changes and we can get it on our favorite players!

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