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Friday, March 30, 2012

[OFF] Life as a PostGrad student

Got my first chance here... after a long time I guess!

After coming here I realized, there was a lot more to life and what I had missed. It wasn't such a bad decision to ditch Cognizant and Infosys after all! (On the hindsight, that would have been so much easier).

From November, last year, I have been busy with my Givson (with a V not a B!) and have got pretty natural with it now. I can play some nice tunes now, and well it sort of completes me. I did play the piano since I was a kid, but this piece of instrument was always stashed up in the corner of the room. Finally made it useful!

I recently bought a laptop too, a Lenovo. Mainly because it is easier on the pocket. Also because it's an IBM ;) It  has a finger-print detector thingy, that I have no idea what to make of. As for the rest, it has pretty sharp edges! I am however, dissapointed with the battery backup. I am not sure if it is an OS based issue, but the battery just doesn't last more than 1.5 hours or so.

Apart from all that, studies are what I have been doing the least of all! Though, I am aware, I have to, I just cannot make myself do it. I have an interesting project, hopefully it captures my interest from tomorrow.


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