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Monday, June 20, 2011

Solving KDE Freeze

It was after a long time, I decided to install (and use) KDE4 on my desktop. I had always a notion that KDE4 was slow.. especially after trying the initial releases. I was a KDE3.5 person and loved it since Slackware had it. However after trying the latest version available on the Ubuntu (And Hence LinuxMint) repositories, I found my assumption to be pretty flawed!

I installed KDE4 and started it... After a while, the screen made no movements. It froze! Now I put on my debugging hat and started scouring forums for a solution. So here's what I had to do:
Disable KWin effects on KDE4.

As simple as that. My card was obviously not very friendly with KDE4 compositor. For the record I have Intel D845GVSR Mother board with integrated graphics card i845 series. It has multiple issues with the current kernel driver too.

To disable effects for KWin we need to edit the file:
depending which one is present on your OS and goto the section for Composting. Verify you have this:

Remember, the false must not be False, the system is case sensitive. Also don't put in any spaces. Now you can startup KDE and enjoy the Plasma desktop!

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