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Monday, June 7, 2010

OSS Hack

The latest OSS (Open Sound System) version 4.2 from 4front technologies is a rock solid sound solution of *Nix-es and worked beautifully on my Mint* OS. (The * Actually means a heavily customized Mint very far from the real Mint.) Well actually it made my new Creative X-Fi 6 channel + Midi Enabled sound card produce Music! ALSA will not work (as of Now Jun, 2010) and Creative officially does not support Linux (or any other *NIX). A series of e-mails I wrote made me confirm I cannot exchange my sound card with another model from them... and a refund was out of question!

Okay, so Apparently the latest download drivers will expire on May 2010, 6 days ago that is. But I am enjoying music from my OSS right now! How is that possible!

Mystery ended, mere mortals... here's how it can be reversed:

So, the OSS system starts-up via

This script loads the kernel module and reports errors.

My first try was to hack my date program and write a shell script that would display a different date when invoked by this script (i.e. the parent process should be named soundon).

This try failed and I straced the call to a time function call later on. I had mis-interpreted a date invocation as being used by the module... pretty stupid!

So, half an hour had gone past but no results? So here came my next try.

At the beginning of
shell script I added these lines:

date --set="Sat May 1 00:00:00 IST 2010" >> /dev/null

[Note that since I am in Indian Standard Time, I have added IST, you must set it to your timezone (or GMT).]

and before each and every exit statement (just to be sure!)
add this:

date --set="$XXX" >> /dev/null

Now do a soundoff and soundon... and wolla! OSS is working

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