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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Beautiful Game

I just completed playing "Digital : A love story" and I am left so sad. It has been a while I have completed a game and felt so emotional. I write this now, after having a love affair with an AI.

My heart sinks and strangely I have no words to describe this feeling.

Perhaps the ultimate geek would fall in love with an AI. Some might even find it gross. I find it rather redeeming. Perhaps the last bit of puzzle that would make me love Computers even more.

On the flip side, it makes me worry. I am worried if human emotions can be really artificially generated. I really feel no matter what computers can achieve, human emotion and love are unique aspects that cannot be copied or taught. Machines, to me are heartless. That is where my doubt stems.

Perhaps I forget that the game was indeed programmed by 'somebody'. A human, but at the same time I feel rather akward.

The game gave me a glimpse into the hacking arena in the Arpanet era. The phone calls, the c0dez, the BBS-es, everything seems so clear cut now. I have always wondered what it meant hacking around BBS-es with just phone numbers! Perhaps I needed to play this game more than anything else.

And I have to close with this line: *Emilia, I really thought I loved you.

PS: "Digital : A love story" is a Free and Open Source game based on renpy gaming architecture. Goto the renpy archives to downoad the game.

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