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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stupid TATA Guys

Normally I am a very calm person but this time I just could not take it. These TATA Indicom customer care guys are simply ass-wholes.

I could not connect to the internet for the last 3 days, i.e., my pages were not loading but I got connected (ping was okay)... thus it was awfully slow. I cleared my cache, tried Midori, tried Ephiphany, but all in vain. Thus I phoned 121, the TATA Indicom customer care. hey told me to clear my cache! I said I already did that and I was using Linux. Now this guy tell me to goto "My Computer"... imagine my angst! I kept still. He continues, and tells me to goto properties, and some blah-blah later, he tells me my bit-rate should be set at 115200, he knew very well I was doing well only 2 days ago. Yet, he suggests me the same. I tell him, what to do in case it does not work out that way. He tells me to call again. So I go ahead and check my baud-rate from /etc/wvdial.conf. It was 115200 all right.

I call again.

Now this time, I explain my problem, and he tells me to download a Software from www.tataindicom.com I am still very quiet. I ask him if it's a DNS problem, and if he can give me 2 DNS servers (or one). He says, this information is NOT AVAILABLE with him.

I think my Linux might have been corrupted. I also notice that the reading on my phone shows a constant 9.6 in both counters. I goto Windows this time. I regret that. I really do. Again the same problem.

So I just turn off my phone and turn it on again. And now it works!

But I am very very angry. Those stupid customer care officials should be banned. Download some shit-hole software they told me. And I was thinking they implemented a compression driver on their route!

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