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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The limits of Creativity

I had been to Kshitij recently, a techno-management event at IIT-Kharagpur. And I was exposed to the world! Yes... I lost both events I participated in but have I really?

Finalist in coding and Software Development. But a Loser. Wrong. A winner. Why? Well because I could learn even more that the world is an ocean, and I am a molecule of H2O.

My Software ranked after 6 others... but there were a few ties at the top. So what do I for next year? Oh... something on Linux. No MORE of that crappy OS again! But maybe I'll load it up on QEMU and run Windows on Ubuntu! Yes!

I will punch my current software into an installer and make a process explorer. And down the line I'm sure I'll come up with something more.

But I look forward. Next up is Srijan (of JU) and WILL rock it. But tomorrow we have Bitwise (!! IIT again!!)... that's something I'm desperate to do well at... Let's see.

Well... I'll leave this minimalistic blog and quit now... it's pretty late and I'm hungry!

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