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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Screenshot editor cum manager in windows 10

The default screenshot tool in Windows 10 is a lot better than the older ones for sure, but it doesn't really provide the kind of usability that other 3rd party screen shot editors provide.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite tool for screenshot management in Windows 10 and it's free to use and easy to use: GreenShot

Here's some of the reasons why I love this tool so much.

First reason: integrates well with print screen button and provides a nice interface when doing a screenshot. Here's an example

You can select the region you want to crop and take a snap of that area.

What's more - is next you can edit the picture or save it or copy it to your clipboard.

Here's a full menu of all the options:

And the inbuilt editor has some cool options, the one I like best, is the one to obfuscate a region of the screenshot so that personal information isn't present.

And this is what happens

checkout the pixelated data!

Let me know if you liked this tool or not in the comments and if it helped improve your productivity.

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