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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Makkhichoose attempts to bring flights search

For a few days I noticed "hello from flights js" on my browser console. I would assume some rougue extension somewhere and ignored it to the point where it really got very annoying. I finally tracked down the extension to this: "gllmlkidgbagkcikijiljllpdloelocn"

To get the folder location of chrome extensions, according to this answer, I first checked out, chrome://version/ for my Profile Path.

I was able to track this down to being the Makkhichoose extension which I regularly use for tracking prices on various e-commerce websites, like amazon, paytm, shopclues, myntra and flipkart.

Okay... A moment of silence for me and my covert stinginess.

Now then that is over, we can proceed further. So apparently MakkhiChoose is trying out a new flights based comparison tool as well!

Here are a few samples:
console.log('hello from flights js');
// var mmt_domestic_page__previous_url='';
// function mmt_domestic_page_url_watcher(){

And for cleartrip as well:

//cleartrip parsing

var ct_domestic_page_load_checker_timer;

function ct_domestic_page_load_checker(){
console.log('executing load_checker');
var url_params=window.location.search.replace('?','').split('&').reduce(function(s,c){var t=c.split('=');s[t[0]]=t[1];return s;},{});
if( (url_params['page']=='loaded' && window.location.href.match('cleartrip.com/flights/results?') && ($('.loaderContainer:eq(-1)').css('display')=="none"))  ){

 Also http://www.easemytrip.in/

      url: "http://emtxml.bookeasytrip.com/emtxml.asmx",
      processData: false,
      // url: "http://shades.makkhichoose.com/analytics/logextensionfeedback",
      data: xml_req,
      contentType: "application/soap+xml",

Seems like they are on to something!

In my bout of hacking their sources, I found a neat "What-is-my-IP" clone. Here it is:

curl "http://search.makkhichoose.com/getip"
Happy hacking!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Rahul!

    Sorry about the annoyance. We are doing flight search for a couple of websites and will be including more soon. We'll take out the unnecessary console messages in our next update, which will happen in 2 or 3 days. Cheers, Sai from MakkhiChoose