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Monday, September 30, 2013

[OFF] Wake me up when september ends

I am sure this song is familiar to you. In fact, today being the last day of September, I decided to try out a feature of Blogger. Scheduling posts. So this post is scheduled to be posted exactly at 12.01 AM, 1st October, 2013. Just when September ends this year.

Billie Joe Armstrong is 41. It has been a while when his father passed away. It has been a long time since he had holed himself up in his room and told his mum that he was busy, and to "Wake him up when September Ends".

Little did he know, this would become an anthem of the generation. I love the song, but it has nothing to do with him, honestly! I love the song because the song is a marvellous celebration of beauty, sadness, life and death. It is one of those things we know of, but do not have a reason. It is like believing that there is someone to guide us at all times, and that someone has not left us. That someone will never leave us. We will all wake up, when September ends.

Let us grieve now, for we have hope. To resurrect ourselves, to live the amazing life circus. To live what our forefathers have dreamt of. We surely can dedicate a month for that, can't we?

Billie Joe Armstrong is 41. Yes. Reflecting on that makes me feel so old. I was brought up in this age of the internet, mobile phones, WhatsApp, WhatsNot, etc. I wonder what happened to me?

There is a song by a Bangaldeshi singer, "Topu", "Bhalobashi", that has the lines-
Eto bhebe ki hobe?
Bhebe ke koreche ki kobe?
Bhabchi na ar, ja hobar hbe.
Translated that means -
What will pass by so much thinking?
Who ever did something by just thinking?
I am not thinking any more, what is supposed to, will happen.
Another month has passed, or rather, will pass when this is posted. I think I will side with Topu.

Billie Joe Armstrong is 41. For those who wonder if he was some relative of Niel Armstrong, the first man on the moon, I say, yes he was. He made us all go to the moon. I mean, rock meant Green Day once upon a time in our life (with out any disrespect to Linkin Park or all other amazing ones) and in probably many other peoples lives as well. What this song reeks of is utter respect.

So yes, not further diverging from the topic. Like I said, this post was meant to test a feature of Blogger. Lets see if this will work.

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