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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Triple Boot Mac OSX, Windows and Linux

So you want the best of the world installed in your computer? Impatiently found this blog from the depths of the internet... Well then get ready to install a Hackintosh OSX Leopard (Macintosh on an Intel Box), Windows XP and Linux Anything (pretty much any Linux Installer with GRUB will work, for e.g. Ubuntu).

Installing Macintosh OSX Snow Leopard with the given tools:
  1. Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD
  2. PsyStar Boot CD (bootcd.iso)
  3. Upgrade pack for MacOSX from 10.6 -> 10.6.6
  4. Multibeast

Steps for installing Hackintosh (from RETAIL DVD):
(numbers in brackets indicate the tool number referred to above)
  1. From BIOS settings set Sleep State to S3
  2. Boot the Computer using this Boot CD (2)
  3. Choose to install Mac OSX from CD
  4. Insert Mac OSX Retail DVD (1)
  5. Follow instructions to install Mac OSX Installation
  6. Choose Disk Utility to create a Mac OSX partition (as the first partition), then create 2 free space partitions for Windows and Linux respectively.
  7. Resume installation
  8. Installation WILL fail (bless tool fails to bless the partition)
  9. Reboot and boot from Boot CD (2)
  10. Choose HDD in which Mac OSX was just installed.
  11. Mac will now startup
  12. Now install upgrade pack of Mac OSX and upgrade Mac OSX to 10.6.6 (3) [SEE NEXT STEP]
  14. You can at this point go to step [18] and resume after this point.
  15. Run Multibeast (4) and select these options:
    • a. EasyBeast Install
    • b. Drivers &… t; Kexts … -> Misc. -> Voodoo PS/2 Controller
    • c. Drivers &… -> Kexts … -> Misc. -> IOUSB Family Rollback
    • d. OSx86 Software (all)
  17. If the computer PS/2 H/w does not work… do a cold boot.
  18. All done! (If you want, you can now Install Linux, but no boot-loader)
So step 1 is done, Mac boots, so you can now install Windows.

Now that Mac is installed and booting, 
  1. install windows into the partition you allocated for it.
  2. Verify windows boots and then Install Linux
  3. There's no need to Install Linux's Boot-loader (GRUB/Lilo/etc.)
  4. Now go back to step 15 and end at 17
So now you have it. A system with everything under the sun! (almost :P)


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