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Friday, January 21, 2011

[OFF] A different side of me

Yesterday,  got selected for not 1 Job, but 2 jobs... one offered by Cognizant Tech. Solutions (CTS) and the other by Infosys. Infosys being my dream, led me contradict all logic of probably being at home. Once again my logic lost... to my heart. It was an amazing feeling.. once that left me speechless... I did not realize what happened until it slowly sank in. I feel good.

I wrote this piece today, to dig out the side of me, that was not too prominent... Here is a poem I wrote now. A few minutes ago.


Finally the dust has settled,
Turbulence subsides and leaves us
in the warm winter... 

The idle branch swings,
In the distant winds it can feel
the coming of the storm

The leaves are taking guard,
For it believes, like the frail
emotion which survives.

Sharp instant tasteless joy,
Pitting the earth against, again
all the odds of death.

.... Feelings are hard to describe aren't they!

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