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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[OFF] Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day as I woke up at around 10 am.. thanks to the morning sms! I was to go to college at around 11 am. I reached at 1.30 pm. What was worse, I forgot to carry my cell.

Before college I went to the BSNL Office at Howrah Maidan. My ADSL router stopped working for some reason. The guys were pretty prompt there, and seeing that I had a rental plan, gave a printed out request to get a new router. I was surprised at the pace at which the work was done. I had hoped they would struggle to replace the thing.. if they should at all! So thumbs up for BSNL. However, the dream ended soon, as I went to collect the new router. There were no new routers available for replacement. The ones available were all repaired ones.

The officer, Mr T.K. Ray, was polite enough to ask me to come the next day, at around 1pm, for the new router. I was kind enough to oblige.

The next day is tomorrow, and I can't go there at that time! I would have to reach college by 1pm. Since Soumit Sir aka Java Sir would be giving us a treat! This was a long overdue treat, since he married ages ago.

This is a piece of diary that I am blogging on the internet after a really long time!

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