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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Here's a fabulous reply by me on our college google group (Topic: few tips for Windows XP):

The real tips:

  1. Keep it while you can, for very soon it will flip out and die.
  2. A format a day keeps the techie away.
  3. Viruses are your friends, let them thrive ...
  4. Antiviruses will eat up 98% of your CPU time, the rest goes for
  5. Internet Explorer will take browsing experience to a whole new low.
  6. Press Ctl+Alt+Del to continue.... or cancel using the computer
  7. Press the Alt+F13 key to fix all of Windows Bugs
  8. Windows update will downgrade your pc regularly
  9. If you find your computer is too slow... please take a look at your
    friend using Vista
  10. Any act of using the computer will render your warranty void.
  11. Wannabe hacker? this closed source, hacking unfriendly OS is just
    the one for you!
  12. Don't be puzzled if you get hacked... it's a security feature.


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