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Friday, July 9, 2010

Learning about Web Technology

I am a C fan, hence I love PHP. The world of ASP.NET seems to be very attractive due to the obvious reasons of GUI designer and Rapid Application Development. Again, JSP has got a similar attraction.

However, due to poor support of ASP.NET on Linux, (or perhaps my lack of knowledge in this field!) I am still unable to say hello world on MonoDevelop. JSP appeared pretty complicated at first due to the oh-so-many XML files and odd looking folders. So PHP seemed natural.

Well I have to admit that I like things hand on, so the toolkit based approach in Netbeans, Eclipse and Mono seemed a little too heavy for me. Another reason may be these tools are so sluggish! On my 1-Gig P4 machine, it takes ages for Eclipse to load.

My preference to know things from the bottom up is also taking a toll on my development speed. I am still on Java-script and CSS. And doing stuff manually makes me remember things and innovate too.

However, I must thank AnK (aka Ankur) for his skill sharing with me. His website (http://techtroniks.net) taught me CSS and javascript. In the modern world Javascript is essential to learn.

My helpline for PHP has been: http://php.net/
My helpline for HTML has been: http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
My helpline for CSS and Javascript has been mainly google and w3schools.

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