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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tech Fests Win and Loss

National Institute of Technology aka R.E. College of Durgapur was famous for being the college second only to IIT Kharagpur in West Bengal in Engineering Education. This was not what I had expected of them.

The prelims questions were so bad that we (me and Sarthak) could challenge them that they knew nothing about them They were mostly wrong. All of them used the depreciated C90 standard and the TurboC standard (sic!). In the 2 events of programming : Khula Maidan and Code Marauders, I qualified in only Code Marauders. In Khula Maidan, I did not qualify. So, I wasn't good enough? Mine and Sarthak's teams did not qualify, we challenged them that the scripts were checked wrongly and questions posed erroneous. After much persuasion, they found Sarthak's paper and qualified them. And they didn't find our paper. We were notified we did not make the cut-off make necessary.

I found that hilarious.

In Code Marauders, the finals question had a question predicted by Sarthak much in advance. Quick Sort.

And no, a simple qsort would not fetch you marks!

So in the rat race, where programming skills were second to typing speed. We came 3rd.

Pretty disappointing.

After the failure at NIT, Durgapur, I decided to go to another NIT ;-), this time it's Narula Institue of Technology. We won easily and the level was expected to be, what they had in store for us. We had to detect braces and some syntax errors in C, C++, C# (and others??) code. Perhaps at the end the judge felt a bit intimidated.

However, I am yet to receive their prize (certificate inclusive) that they claim to be 3ks.

I followed that with Future Institute of Engineering and Management (Phoenix Site) or FIEM. They lived up to their promise. It was pretty nice except the compiler they initially provided. Nice problems and nice cash. They had in store for us (Winners) 2.5Ks. That I got half of.

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