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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Exams from tomorrorow

and I am here!
Just opened up an IBM and site and well in my mind hoping that sometime in the future I could join the company. Okay dreams apart...
I just wrote my proc-list viewer for Windows in VC++ (what else?)... I worked around the problems of last time and it's working fine! I am also getting the modules loaded... but some functions need to be added... like kill task and reading the process handles (how?)... also perhaps information about it's windows (if present) and threads... but not now! Exams are TOP priority...
I just installed MANDRIVA and it didn't quite live up to it's reputation of being the easiest Desktop Linux distro around... perhaps I just don't like KDE much... but yeah some parts were fine...
well as of now... lets see tha IBM site and Khitij.. what's going on there?
Bye for now.

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