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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here's another poem

Was written 3-4 years ago... inspired from a painting I will never forget!

The Returning

Through the yellow dunes,
women and playful children on
slow camel-drawn chariots-
veiled women, all but red, move on.
In one slow but massive track,
as if in the dusk, a snake
crawls muscularly through debris-
of their last ones, now a fake.
The setting sun through hills,
mark the falling of coldness;
run down pale yellow cheeks-
they had to pay, Hatred, the cess.
He comes when the melon goes,
arrives with all the widows
leaving with their happy children-
the camel slowly moves, it goes.
The red aura of the sunset,
eclipsed by the red sand
beneath the long feet of camels.
They return along with their band.
Honourable men gone to return,
even they do return there
as the ones they leave behind-
Their children ask, "Where ?"

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